Monday, April 24, 2017

Tater Tots - well defined bar of excellence

They might give you diabetes.
They have tons of calories and fat and starch.
Yet, they are more consistently fabulous than many other favored starches.
I have had a surprisingly great number of foul french fries - or at least completely mediocre and disappointing french fries, yet this is not true of tater tots.

When someone says "tater tots", you know what you want in them and you are almost assuredly going to get what you envision.   Burger King - Royalty of mediocre fast food have tater tots on their breakfast menu, and they're really not bad.  Their fries are awful, but their tots.  Well within the margin of acceptability.

Napoleon Dynamite showed us anyone can appreciate the glory of tater tots.   They actually keep relatively well over a moderate amount of time whereas French fries get a little more nasty over the same period of time.

Tater Tots.

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