Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Perfect Beast

Never a problem.
So many heat thoughts recently.
It was 90 degrees F today. No mosquitos, though the wasps. carpenter bees and hornets were looking for homes. Yet not so much humidity yet.
How are these things possible?

We must ponder these issues, but yet I am a man of immediacy at times, and there is no proper a time as when thinking of immediacy as when contemplating eating seafood.
I love lamb.
I love goat.
I love fowl.
I love game.
Sea urchin is game if you try to collect it.
Or taste it.
But it's hot enough for me to consider more straight seafood.
The politics of nature and humanity converge and so I must make a decison.

Of which hot climate seafood grilling dishes today?
I could remain indoors due to the ease - Kim wanted Thai and shrimp...something light.
I pinged Kim on decisive directions, but she had too many. Also, the mid-week status and the fact that I have grilled nearly 5 days straight, was there something else I could grill?
I had thought about smoke flavor earlier.
Maybe some burgers. So lucious and fatty. Wrapped in prepared pig fat, whether smoked or not. Engorged with onions and garlic. So lucious.
Not sure that was cognizant of the appropriate directions.
Must be compromise strategies.

I didn't really feel like the inside.
I can do that but this was a beautiful day even though it was relatively very hot.
The humidity, however, was nonexistent, so the heat seemed more intergalactic than plantetary.
The south of France.

All last year. Almost every single week, there was at least one day where I took shellfish, fennel, onions, peppers, hot peppers, garlic, garlic, garlic and shallots....oh...and picpoul
grilled and simmered the package and ate it outside.

So perfect a meal.

Was this the right route for today?

It WAS my intent.
I ignored the call-in order to the local Thai delivery.
Beautiful weather needs the lucious, beautiful smell of wood smoke, even if it's only for a few hours.

I drove off to H-Mart to gather the shellfish for the beautiful collection of shellfish, white wine, garlic and fennel packets - maybe with fennel seeds - maybe with Ricard or another anise lovely liquor like Henri Bardouin. Nummmmmmm.

Yet it was not to be. I got my fennel. I got some leeks. I got some lovely herbs. Then I approached the fish counter. It was lovely, but there was a small sign that caught my eye.

$6.99/# lobster. The last time I went here and got lobster, it was perfect.
It was the sweetest beast. No butter. No Ricard. Nothing was needed to appreciate the beautiful sweet flavor of lobster. No butter nor oil. Perfect beast.

I don't boil lobster or some other tragedy of my New England youth. Sauteeing is perfect and steaming or grilling is exceptable, but let me have that meat as fresh as possible.
I think that lobster is one of the most beautiful and interesting creatures in the sea, 2nd only to octopus, but it can be SO tasty that I accept my position in the food chain to accept it as culinary bounty, as long as that beautiful creature is not endangered. Oh, and the same for octopus. So beautiful in nature. So tasty on the grill.

Roasted peanuts.

Fish sauce.
Brown sugar.
Lemon and Lime juice.

Lobster...Grilled...I love those creatures in so many ways.
I've had other sweet crustaceans, but never like a good lobster.
So perfect.

Let us protect these creatures. They're beautiful in the sea.
And definitely for Thai food.