Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bring me the Muslims

I'm happy again tonight that I have enough Muslims around to have a choice of Halal butchers. Since Mr Chileman had found out about the Lebanese Butcher, I had been relying on them for cheap, excellent, recently slaughtered lamb, goat and merguez. They have great kibbeh and kofta. Marinated chicken is awesome.

But you know what, there are other butchers, too. There are some bad ones. There was this one near Langley Park that was dirty. I can't believe it could claim to be Halal, so I had to seek out others. There was an underused but beautiful butcher at 4 Corners for a while, but they didn't have enough traffic so they fled.

However, the times are changing. There are at least THREE very good Halal butchers I can rely on within a couple miles of my house. And there are still a couple I need to check out.

How could neglect Tom Sietzma's review of an Indian-based cuisine restaurant with a Halal place next door?

How could I neglect the continued excellence of both Tiffin, Udupi and Woodland Indian restaurants with a quaint, but friendly butcher amidst them?

And I do like to seek things out...and I found a spotlessly clean butcher near Nebel and Randolph who were meticulously cleaning the freshly killed and slaughtered goat from yesterday.

That works for me.

I just repurposed some relatively easy Thomas Keller recipe for pan-frying and oven finishing lamb chops with thyme, garlic and rosemary, with some freshly killed $3.99/lb. French-cut goat chops. DELICIOUS!!! I have another $7 worth of chops tomorrow - probably around 14 more .... peace be with YOU!

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